Seni Classic Plus Briefs

Seni briefs are an excellent and reliable protection dedicated both for active people and those with limited mobility. They can be used in urinary and bowel incontinence.

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  • Cloth-like outer layer makes them quiet and discreet.
  • Vapor permeable outer layer and non-woven side wings help the skin breathe easily.
  • Their standing gathers together with leg cuffs protect better from the side leaks and provide perfect adjustment of the briefs to the body.
  • Equipped with double absorbent core and EDS Seni Classic Plus briefs have moisture distributed and locked in the core increasing the dryness feeling for the user.
  • Wetness indicator informs about the necessity of changing the briefs.
  • Closing system offers the possibility of multiple refastening without the risk of tearing the outer layer of the briefs.